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Dr. Kates knows that one common misconception is that children don’t need to worry about oral health because they are eventually going to lose their baby teeth anyway. This idea is incorrect because the healthy development of adult teeth depends a lot on having healthy primary teeth first. Healthy teeth are essential for a lot of other aspects of childhood development, from eating nutritious foods to speaking well to having confidence in oneself. Our staff knows how to keep our young patients comfortable and how to encourage them to cooperate in our care. Our devotion to children comes into play in everything we do, including how we decorate our offices, the activities in the waiting room, and how we speak to patients to get them comfortable with being in the dental chair. Dr. Dale Kates and the Growing Smiles Children Dentistry Team’s philosophy is to work in the mouth but to see the whole child.


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Dr. Kates and Premier Smiles Orthodontics have created a $1,000 scholarship award for current high school seniors in the Greater Cleveland area. Dr. Kates explains, “We see so many young adults and have created friendships throughout the course of their two-year treatment. Young adults also have a tendency to open up to us during treatment. They discuss hurdles and obstacles that many are challenged with on a daily basis, from peer pressure, to teenage drinking, to bullying and even early pregnancies. Unfortunately, our youth live in a very trying time. Therefore, in order to create a more positive dialogue, we started this scholarship contest. We are asking current high school seniors to write a three page essay describing some of the recent problems within their community and create ideas on how to solve them.” The winning student receives a $1,000 scholarship toward the school of their choice.

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“VIP Dental Assistant School is located in the Parma, Ohio offices of Dr. Dale A. Kates and Premier Smiles Orthodontics. Dr. Kates loves being an orthodontist, helping people of all ages reach their full potential with healthy, beautiful smiles. To help individuals in his hometown get on the path towards better earning potential, he went looking for a dental assistant school curriculum he could implement to open his own dental assistant training school. That’s when he found VIP! In just 11 weeks VIP Dental Assistant School graduates will be on track to reach the annual average dental assistant salary in Ohio, which is $35,460 per year.”