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Jocelyn Savage wants her father to quit pretending he doesn’t know much about her alleged relationship with R. Kelly.

The 21-year old blasted her dad, Tim Savage, for going to the media with allegations that the singer is holding women hostage at his homes in Atlanta and Chicago. Jocelyn says she’s embarrassed by her dad’s claims and insinuated that he knows more about her and Kelly’s relationship than he’s leading on. Sources tell TMZ that Jocelyn ended up living with the singer because of her father.

Mr. Savage was reportedly on board with his daughter living with Kelly almost two years ago — after she met the Grammy winner at a concert. The initial plan, which was hatched by Tim and Kells, was for Jocelyn to stay at Kelly’s house to be developed as a singer. Tim Savage is reportedly the one who dropped his daughter off at a friend’s house to be driven to Kelly’s home. No word on why he would drive her to a friend’s house only to be driven to R. Kelly’s house. See Jocelyn slam her father in the video below.

Sources claim that Tim knew his daughter would be staying with the singer, but didn’t think it would be this long. On Tuesday, he even urged Kelly to file a lawsuit so they could take their issues to court. R. Kelly and Jocelyn are denying the sex cult claims.

R. Kelly is currently under FBI investigation for these disturbing claims.

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