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Green pit viper on black background

Source: Thanit Weerawan / Getty



If you have been on Facebook lately, it is clear that snakes are out and about in Texas. We shared a story detailing what to do when you encounter a snake in Texas, and we received tons of photos from our viewers of their own snake sightings.

One customer at the Backyard recorded a video of employees attempting to remove a snake from a ceiling fan at the business on Saturday.

The customer, Maria Ochoa, recorded a video where an employee is seen attempting to remove the snake. He is standing on a table working on unwrapping the snake from the fan.


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Article Courtesy of KXXV-TV Waco, TX and WOIO Cleveland 19 News

First Picture Courtesy of ullstein bild and Getty Images

Second Picture Courtesy of Thanit Weerawan and Getty Images

Video Courtesy of Facebook and WOIO Cleveland 19 News

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