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Kanye West is continuing to reign supreme in the sunken place and now he has found new “dragon energy.”

Let’s quickly recap the last couple of months: the rapper became the grandmaster of the sunken place after he said slavery was a choice, Malcolm X wasn’t relatable, Harriet Tubman shouldn’t be on the $20 bill and compared himself to Nat Turner, a man who was born a slave and a led a revolt in 1831. Oh, we also can’t forget he claimed Donald Trump was his “brother” and they shared “dragon energy.”

In addition, he posted this photo below on his Twitter account:

Kanye has also been aligning himself with sunken place folks like the fraudulent Candace Owens, who bizarrely said the NRA was a group created to protect Black folks from the KKK. She was exposed as running an anti-Trump site just two years ago. Yep, anything for the press.

Now, Kanye has met a new sunken place hero — Dennis Rodman. West wrote on Twitter, “Thanks to one of my biggest inspirations … always breaking barriers with independent thought.”

Well, this should be no shocker, but what is disturbing is Kanye’s version of being a “free thinker.” It appears that being deeply uneducated and trapped in the privileged bubble of Calabasas, California translates to “free thinking.” Just because you are the Black person who thinks like someone on Fox News doesn’t make you a free thinker, it makes you a dangerous traitor. In addition, Kanye has the protection of money to think this stupidly because there are no consequences. If he were still a 9-to-5 working Black man living in Chicago, he would not be his version of a “free thinker.”

Let’s revisit Snoop Dogg’s white version of Yeezy. See below:



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