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Eating at salad bars is a gamble—so many people, so many hands touching the ladle to serve themselves, and ultimately so many germs. Our worst nightmare came true this week when a guy went viral for drinking directly from a soup ladle at a buffet in Chicago. The clip is sure to gross you out.

Dressed in all black, dude walks right up to the salad bar, presses his lips to the ladle, and gets his fill of soup without a care in the world. Little did he know he was being filmed as he placed the ladle back into its container. It’ll definitely make you think twice about eating at a buffet.

Of course, twitter folks have been going crazy over the clip, which has been retweeted countless times. Here’s what the comments look like:

“I’ve heard of double dipping, but this takes it to a whole new level” – @JayRusk

“That’s like ten bucks right there if this is whole foods” – @Lynleigh3

“Thanks for triggering an OCD paranoia event. No way… can’t wrap my head around it.” – @nofomo3

“That’s Straight Nastiness! OMG. But why didn’t the guy capturing the video say something?” – @SonnyWhy

“I don’t condone punching random people. This might be an exception…” – @dstriddy

“Can this man be identified and publicly noticed and barred from all restaurants? This needs to be immediate.” – @d_m_elms

“OMMMGGGGG! Why is that salab bar UNSUPERVISED???” – @drroynorman

“He needs his ass kicked.” – @BriarRKY

“Why would you record that and not smack this fool back of his head” – @ernesto2590

“*dials police* Yes. I’d like to make a report.” – @itsmefink

“I once saw a kid at a buffet lick his soft serve ice cream cone, then stick it in the sprinkles and roll it around. Ever since then, I’m out.” – @Williams4Dad

It’s safe to say this is the nastiest video we’ve seen all year, but some folks are questioning whether or not it was staged, as the clip originated on Reddit. “Now, if we’ve learned anything from shocking videos that originate on Reddit (cough, Justin Bieber burrito impersonator, cough), it’s to always question whether the material is true. Was this incident really caught on candid camera? Was it a mischievous hoax to bate tweeters into having another giant food fight? Or was it filmed to remind us of proper etiquette and hygiene?” Today asked.

Whether or not the clip is real, it’s definitely possible that people do this all the time and don’t get caught…so be careful.

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