Actor Ronald Olin Bobb-Semple is suing Kanye West, Ty Dolla Sign, Kid Cudi, Def Jam, and Universal Music over their ‘Kids See Ghost’ collaboration. He claims they “exploited the actual voice, words, and performance” of his 2002 recording titled “The Spirit of Marcus Garvey” without authorization or compensation.

‘Kids See Ghosts” dropped in 2018, but the song doesn’t open with any of three artists’ voices. Bob-Semple says that the first voice that you hear on the track is indeed his that was taken from his Marcus Garvey presentation that he’s been performing around the world for decades. In the lawsuit, he points out Ye, Cudi and Ty have obtained “substantial profits” from “Kids See Ghosts”, yet he hasn’t seen a dime.

He’s suing for his cut of the ‘Ghosts’ profits.

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