Whoa. It’s been a helluva 24 hours.

Scratch that, it’s been a helluva 18 months.

Consider this. A year-and-a-half ago the Cleveland Browns were coming off of an 0-16 season. We didn’t have a competent coach. We didn’t have a franchise quarterback and Browns fans were basically giving their tickets away.

Now, the Browns ticket in Cleveland is one of the hottest things going.

Fast-forward to today, and not only do the Browns have a stud at QB – not only do they have TWO franchise running backs, a revamped defensive line with a top 3 pass rusher and pro bowl defensive tackle, not only do they have ball-hawking defensive backs and a football savant at General Manager. . .

But now they have a dominant, ace wide-out in Odell Beckham, Jr, who will just so happen to play opposite a WR with some of the best hands in football who just happens to be his BFF.

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What the what?!

I also think it’s really important to highlight how RARE this trade it. Nobody gets rid of a top flight, top three wide receiver in their prime. Sure Antonio Brown just got bounced from Pittsburgh, but he’s 30 years old. OBJ is only 25. Randy Moss was moved from Minnesota to Oakland after 7 seasons, which means he was still in his best shape physically – but after that? Terrell Owens, Keyshawn Johnson and Jerry Rice were all over the hill by the time their trades came around, even though they were all still very capable players.

All these moves have drastically changed the way Las Vegas see’s the Cleveland Browns, as we’ve gone from 33-1 to 15-1 in terms of odds at winning next year’s Super Bowl. I have a feeling that number will get smaller and smaller the further we get to September.

The point is it seems like the stars are aligning over Cleveland for another generation of professional sport, and it’s not fast enough following the Kyrie/LeBron debacle that started about three years ago.

So, lets enjoy this folks! Let’s appreciate the fact that the Browns are already champions in their own right.

On paper, anyway.

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