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The fact that people’s reviews are so polarizing says a lot about Jordan Peele’s latest creation. Below is a dope article that decodes many of the underlying messages.

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As Jordan Peele’s latest psychological odyssey of Us concludes, you can feel the range of emotions in the audience. Varied between fascination, terror and complete and utter confoundment, it’s a movie that has been met with a decidedly polarizing response but the one commonality in every viewer’s outlook is that it was anything but boring. Deeply metaphoric and littered with thought-provoking imagery, the comedian-turned-director’s second outing has not only made box office history as the most successful original horror movie of all time but confirms all suspicions about Peele’s abilities as an auteur. In the same way that film buffs describe certain stylistic tropes as “Kubrickian” or “Lynchian,” Us made his storytelling so distinctive that it’ll now be imitated, celebrated and expanded on for decades to come. A dizzying, cerebral assault that places its viewers on the backfoot, the tale of Adelaide Wilson and her family’s duel with their nightmarish, shears-wielding doppelgangers and the larger conspiracy at play is not something that can be passively understood. Instead, it is a film that will be analyzed and speculated on and could be in hot contention for the top honours at next year’s Academy Awards.

Now that the dust has begun to settle, it’s time to unpack the movie’s hidden meanings and references alongside some of the most compelling interpretations that viewers have taken away from it.

Warning Spoilers Ahead !!!

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