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Things like this are right up my alley. You would be surprised how lavishly some of these pastors live on all levels off the backs of their parishioners. Enjoy Peasants !

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Sneaker culture is far removed from the niche interest that it was just a few years ago. Seeing someone walking around wearing Adidas Yeezys or Off-White x Nike sneakers is a much more common occurrence than ever before. With that being said, would you expect to see your local pastor wearing a pair of “Red Octobers” to preach the Sunday sermon? The sight is much more common than people might think.

A 29-year old going by the name Tyler Jones has dedicated an entire Instagram account, aptly titled @Preachersnsneakers, to showing off well-known preachers in highly sought after sneakers and designer clothing. Operating for less than a month, the page has already amassed almost 110,000 followers intrigued by the premise of these church leaders wearing the most hyped-up sneakers on the market.

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