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I know I’m not the only person that has feared my food has been tampered with by the drivers of these food delivery services and now a new study is showing that our worst fears actually are true.  The study is showing that your food delivery driver may be sampling your food before it reaches you and that is absolutely disgusting!!

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The company sampled 1,518 American adults (aged 18 through 77), who said that they have used food delivery apps before for a survey about what customers want in a food delivery service. They also sampled 497 American adults (with a median age of 30) who said that they had worked as a food delivery employee for at least one service. 

Perhaps the most shocking result of the survey — and the one that has many squirming — is that 28 percent of the delivery drivers sampled admitted to taking food from an order they were delivering.

This may come as no surprise to many, as 21 percent of the customers surveyed said that they had suspected a driver had taken their food before. 85 percent of the customers said that they wished that restaurants would use tamper-evident packaging to address the issue, so that they would be able to see if their driver had sampled their wares before it reached their door. 

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