As if the start to the brand new NFL season wasn’t hard enough for the Cleveland Browns, shock waves of the poor performance that permeated every aspect of the team this past Sunday appear to still be sending shock waves through the organization today.

At least for one poor fan.

Tennessee Titans player Logan Ryan jumped into the crowd, in the Dawg Pound mind you, at least weekend’s game. I’m not sure why he thought it was a good idea to celebrate with fans of the opposing team, and at least one fan in the area felt the same way that I did, and demonstrated so by discarding of his $20 beer all over Logan and his teammates.

Listen, I’m not sure if the beer was really $20, but that’s not the point. That fan, whoever it was, displayed zero class in this situation, even though us Browns fans all probably understand his frustration at the time. Either way, it’s a bad look and he shouldn’t of done it.

The Browns added insult to insult on Wednesday, so to speak, by banning the supposed fan for the rest of the season. The only problem, however, is that is appears they got the wrong guy.

A DJ named Erik Smith received word from the Browns front office that he’d been banned for his actions in Sunday’s game, however Smith claims to not have stepped foot inside First Energy Stadium for about 9 years.

If, and when, the Browns find the actual guy who actually did this we’ll let you know. For now, let’s hope they’re able to wriggle out of this embarrassing situation.

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