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Jermaine Dupri says confessions III is from a female perspective. 

We as a whole are familiar with how rapidly the Internet bits of gossip and hypothesis can spread—and sometimes people, despite everything run with the untruth in any event even when the truth has been given. Nonetheless, Jermaine Dupri trusts that his truth will stop all speculation about Usher’s new single before it gets totally insane.

Prior this week, a video of Usher surfaced indicating his ongoing performance at ‘Live from the Cricket Lounge.’ During the presentation, he appeared his new single “Confessions III” from his up and coming and profoundly foreseen album. When the video dropped, numerous people via social media started to dissect that the verses were about Usher having herpes.

In a post on Twitter, Jermaine wrote the following:

“I see ya’ll trippin…CONFESSIONS PART 3 is from a female’s perspective. The song is about a girl cheatin on him and gettin’ pregnant by another man. She is then being stuck with the decision to keep or abort it. Now that he knows, Should he stay or Leave???”

Check out the video below:

mimi the blogger@mdaixo__

CONFESSION PART 3 IS LOOKING JUICY GUYS! Did he just admit he has…. nvm

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Usher says at the beginning on Part 3 SHE has something to tell him and she tells Usher how she got pregnant by another man and had an abortion

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