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Halle Berry is one of the most celebrated and talented actresses of all-time.  She’s also a Cleveland-area native who made it big as we watched do so along the way from the beginning.

Of course, she has had an interesting personal life along the way that has been as interesting as her on-screen performances.

That’s lead to social media users commenting on her romantic past on a recent Instagram post from Berry with a graphic reading “Women don’t owe you shit” followed by the caption “& that’s on mary had a little lamb.”

The haters seemed to be having fun trying to break the Academy Award winner’s spirit.

From Complex:

“Says the women who can’t keep a man,” read one foolish comment.

“Who says i wanna keep the wrong man? Cuz….i don’t,” the Oscar-winner replied.

To another commenter she said, “who said i wanted to keep them? i’m all about living your best life. if you make a wrong move, course correct and re-spin and start again!”

Never underestimate Berry when it comes to being strong and clapping back at those trolls.

Here’s the responses that were posted in IG:

Berry wasn’t done firing back at the haters.  She said those scrubs in her life “had trouble keeping up with her” and she wasn’t staying “in a bad relationship for the sake of it.”

This is why we love her so much!!!


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