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The problem with speaking someone else’s truth is the operative words ‘someone else’, not to mention they if they aren’t telling their truth coming from you would make it a lie, especially if the someone isn’t around because they are no longer on this earth in the physical to speak, confirm or deny what is being said about their ‘truth’.   Unfortunately in the case of Whitney Houston whose personal life was being stalked while she was alive is now being allegedly confirmed by everybody that has even known her.  As it pertains to her sexuality Whitney Houston has been outed by her ex-husband Bobby Brown, estranged friend Robyn Crawford now ex-talk show host Rosie O’Donnell who has now said in a recent interview that “Whitney was troubled by, I think, the gay part of her life and didn’t want it exposed,”.  The operative words in what Rosie O’Donnell said was ‘I think’, meaning she doesn’t know for real, she can only imagine that Whitney came out to her meaning Rosie but didn’t want anyone to know.

The one thing we can take from all of these people is that maybe Whitney Houston was bisexual.  The problem with all these people saying it is, that all of these people knew that she didn’t want people to know, making it her truth and her truth to tell, leaving the personal business of one of the greatest voices to ever walk this earth impersonal.  In the year 2021 no one too much cares about someone else’s sexuality, unfortunately for Whitney Houston she will never get the opportunity to out herself but that’s assuming that she would want too in the first place.

It doesn’t matter whether Whitney Houston was gay, straight or all the above, what matters is why these people think it’s their place to tell it.

Why can’t the people that loved her on a personal knowing level just let her simply rest in peace?

Take a listen to what Rosie O’Donnell “thinks’ about what was troubling Whitney Houston below.

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