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R&B Singer Bobby V took to social media to share his opinion on the lack of clothing some women seem to be wearing in their Instagram pictures. Unfortunately many of the women didn’t approve of his approach.

His message read, “You b****es be naked so much on this app I be wondering how y’all look in clothes…like sis might be cute in a turtle neck.”


It wasn’t clear what specifically prompted Bobby V to open his mouth about this, but let’s just say his message was not well-received and the people went in on him for being in women’s business.

Now there were some people who agreed with Bobby V’s sentiments but took issue that the message was coming from him.

“Right message WRONG messenger,” one person said.

“Slow down [Bobby V]…We ain’t forget bout you,” another person commented in reference to a past sex scandal involving Bobby and a trans woman who alleged Bobby tried to coerce her into sex. Bobby denied anything happened.

A lot of others made comments about Bobby being “lame” and “washed up.”

The overwhelming negative response to Bobby’s words prompted Bobby V to address his critics in a separate video he shared to his IG page.

“So, if I’m so washed up and lame, why do y’all care so much about what I do?” Bobby asked fans. “I don’t understand that. Somebody that’s lame and washed up? I wouldn’t even be checking for him like that. I’m still trying to understand that too.”


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