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'FIFA 22's HyperMotion Technology Aims To Make The Game Feel Realistic

Source: EA Sports / FIFA 22

FIFA’s second year on next-gen consoles looks like it will be taking EA’s iconic soccer video game to another level…finally.

Last year we got a taste of what EA could do with its sports titles graphically wise, thanks to the tremendous power the PS5 and Xbox Series X offers developers. We also saw some slight improvements to gameplay in top-tier franchises like Madden NFL 21 and FIFA 21.


Source: EA Sports / FIFA 22

This year EA is upping the ante with FIFA 22 and looks like it will be making a strong case for the best soccer video game on the market thanks to the introduction of HyperMotion Technology. Before Tuesday’s (Jul.20)  EA Spotlight presentation that unveiled the gameplay reveal trailer showing of FIFA 22’s developer’s newest toy, EA teased the technology in an official reveal trailer that came along with the announcement that Paris Saint-Germain’s Kylian Mbappé will be the game’s cover star for a second straight year.

Now, we get the complete breakdown of HyperMotion Technology and how it really brings FIFA 22 to the next generation of gaming that allowed developers to capture player movements on a larger scale using 22 professional football players at one time much more accurately and the machine learning tech, making the FIFA gaming experience more realistic than ever before adding over 4,000 new animations to the game. That’s 3Xs more than FIFA 21.

FIFA 22 Gameplay Reveal

Source: EA Sports / FIFA 22

FIFA 22’s gameplay reveal gives us our best look at the HyperMotion in action and what players can expect when they pick up the sticks and hit the virtual pitch.

The game will also boast “enhanced match day atmosphere” utilizing PS5’s 3D Audio, new commentary by Stewart Robson, a new interrupt system, and the addition of television presenter Alex Scott to the color commentary crew.

FIFA 22 Gameplay Reveal

Source: EA Sports / FIFA 22

The game will also have a new Tactical A.I. driven by the new generation of consoles’ new power. It “creates deeper intelligence for all 22 players on the field.” Each player can now have up to 6Xs more decisions per second, making the attacking runs more intelligent on offense. On the defensive side of the ball, teams defend as a unit in a tactical formation, giving it a more realistic feel.

FIFA 22 Gameplay Reveal

Source: EA Sports / FIFA 22

Battling for headers has also been improved thanks to HyperMotion technology allowing FIFA 22 to introduce Kinetic Air Battles into the game, enhancing headers and making it look more realistic and natural. Ball Control has also benefited thanks to HyperMotion Technology. With Composed Ball Control, now you’re able to control the soccer ball better than ever before thanks to the addition of longer multi-touch animations, allowing players to bring down the ball of their chests onto their feet.

In FIFA 22, players will feel more alive thanks to Hypermotion Technology. A good number of the interactions you see go on during professional soccer matches between the players, like calling for the ball or down to a player’s unique running style, have been added.

Other features coming to FIFA 22 are the new goalkeeper system, true ball physics, explosive sprint, and the game being directly powered by player feedback.

FIFA 22 launches on PS5 and XBOX Series S|X, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia on October 1. Unfortunately, there will be no free next-gen upgrade like last year’s version. You’re going to dish out $99.99 if you want to ensure you will be able to upgrade the game without having to repurchase it on a next-gen console.

You can watch the reveal in its entirety below.

Photo: EA Sports / FIFA 22

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