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Fans are what makes a football game great and whoever has the best fans and support helps even more.

If you ask who has the loudest, or even the most rowdiest, fans in the NFL, opinions can vary from hometown to most favorite no matter a fan lives.

Now there is a list out of which team has the fans with the most vocal support.  It was conducted after surveying “NFL fans across the country to determine the rowdiest fans.”

The team that was ranked first would surprise many, unless you are a fan or even a die-hard supporter.


When the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2018, city workers had to cover street poles in Crisco to keep fans from climbing them, so perhaps it’s fitting that the Eagles were ranked as the rowdiest fans in the league. According to NFL fans, Eagles fans throw back one too many during football games, which might explain why they’ve taken the crown for the league’s rowdiest fans.

Let’s face it, when your fans are known as a “mafia,” it’s safe to say they’re going to end up pretty high on the list of rowdiest fans, which is why it’s no surprise that the Buffalo Bills come in at No. 2 on our list. What makes these fans so rowdy? Well, just Google “Buffalo Bills fans breaking tables” and you’ll find the answer.

The rest of the top five are the Dallas Cowboys (No. 3), Las Vegas Raiders (No. 4) and Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 5).

The list is broken down into different categories: Too Loud, Damage Property and Drink Too Much.

According to Bookies and Patch, the Eagles and Cowboys both had fans who “drink too much,” the Bills fans would be likely to destroy property and fans of both the Raiders and Steelers are “too loud.”

Who are the least rowdiest?  That would be the Miami Dolphins “followed by the Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans, Minnesota Vikings and the Jacksonville Jaguars.”

Where does the Cleveland Browns rank?

Fans over at the Dawg Pound have helped the Browns come in at No. 10.  The list has the fans being “too loud” for the reason behind the ranking.

Along with the top five, the New England Patriots (No. 6), Chicago Bears (No. 7), Green Bay Packers (No. 8) and New York Giants (No. 9) are ranked higher than the Browns.  At least we are in the top ten.

This goes to show that having fans who are loud can help with team support and there is definately no shortage of that in The Land, despite the past losing seasons.

With the Browns on a roll recently, they need all of the help and loud cheering they can get!

To see a good chunk of the survey, click here


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