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There is a huge shortage in workers all across the world. The pandemic that put people to of work and shut down America, has now had reaction that many did not expect. Now that the world is back flowing properly you would think people would be getting back to work, but since some have been spoiled from Unemployment benefits, and others found ways to Scam, it seems like people in America do not want to work.

Companies across the country are desperate to hire, and yet some workers still can’t seem to find a job.

“I think there isn’t an employee shortage, I think there is a process and a system which are in place that disqualify people,” said Lisa Mungovan, owner of Mungovan HR Consulting, LLC.

Most companies require job seekers to apply for available jobs online, but often applicants don’t appear to have the skills that employers say they’re looking for to fill some of those positions.

“The applicant tracking systems are automated and the employer puts their ad out there defining what they need,” said Mungovan, who has spent over 30 years in the human resources field. “When an applicant submits their resume, if their words don’t have enough matching words, they can get disqualified in less than a second.”

Another thing that’s throwing a wrench into the hiring process is candidates who are too qualified for the job they’re seeking.

Well this is a problem hat needs solving immediately!

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