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Big Sean on Drink Champs

Source: Revolt / Revolt

After weeks of anticipation, Big Sean has finally landed at NORE’s bar for his highly anticipated Drink Champs interview and man, he did not hold back one bit.

After Kanye West went in on Big Sean during his Drink Champs interview and said signing him was the “worst thing” he ever did, many have been waiting for Sean’s rebuttal and he did not disappoint. Aside from defending himself by stating that he was G.O.O.D Music’s most successful artist to date, Big Sean also revealed that Kanye owes him big paper and even lets us know what Kanye texted him the day after the controversial comment set social media ablaze.

Aside from talking about Kanye, Big Sean also gets into other things such as investments he’s made, why he chose his stage name to include “Big” and how he found out Ye owed him millions.

Here are the 10 things we learned from Big Sean on Drink Champs.

Not relying on his music paper, Big Sean has diversified his funds and invested in companies like Uber and Ember (next level coffee mugs). When it’s all said and done, Big Sean might end up on the cover of Forbes or something.

Big Sean says he’s not into drugs, but was once heavily into Aderrall. It got to the point where he couldn’t function without the drug, but he eventually got off it. Props for that.

After graduating high school, Sean earned himself a full academic scholarship to college. Being focused on his rap career, he turned it down and planted himself in the studio.

Speaking on firing a photographer for taking a pic of Jay-Z Kanye, and Beyonce, Big Sean says it was his friend that he hired to do the job and had to let him go because he secretly took a pic of all of them in the studio and tweeted it before Big Sean was even famous. After Ye told him he had to fire him, Big Sean did just that, but he says the man’s life has been better off since.

Big Sean reveals that the reason he chose his name “Big Sean” at the age of 10 was because he was a fan of rappers like Notorious B.I.G., Big Pun, and Big L. That being said he chose Biggie over Tupac. Tupac stans gonna come for him on social media now.

Interestingly enough Sean says that when he met Dave Chappelle, Dave told him “I love your dad!” Apparently the two men met and had kicked it together at some point and Sean didn’t know they even met.

Touching on Kanye’s comments about signing Big Sean, Sean says he found it “hilarious” at first, but then took it personal the more he thought about it. He recalled how he’d ghost write for Ye and he’s take some of the verse or all of it, and still he wouldn’t ask for publishing because he gave him a “golden opportunity.” That being said, he also remembers that his manager at Roc Nation called his record deal with G.O.O.D Music “the worst deal” he’d ever seen, but he still took it because it was a “golden opportunity.’ He eventually found out through an auditor that Kanye owes him $6 million that he never got. He’s still waiting to get his masters back just like Kanye said he would do for his artists as well.

That being said, he says Kanye texted him the day after his Drink Champs interview aired and wrote “I wanna meet with you and your mom to begin healing on both sides,” but Sean already felt a ways about the situation. He also says that when Kanye was running for President he didn’t endorse anyone publicly because “my mans is running.” He didn’t even have Kanye’s contact info at the time.

Speaking on where he thinks the fallout between himself and Kanye begun, Sean says it dates back to his song “Blessings” with Drake. After Kanye heard the song he said he needed to be on the record the day before Sean’s pre-order was going out. He told Drake about it and Drizzy was hesitant to put Kanye on it. Still, Sean helped Ye write his verse and lay it down and once he sent it to mastering to get it on the album, Sean found out mastering never got it. After that, Kanye spazzed on Sean and accused him of keeping him off the track because of Drake.

Sean says that he didn’t think of auditing his record label until Charlamagne Tha God mentioned on The Breakfast Club that Sean was owed millions of dollars from his deal.

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