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Corey Grand

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As technology continues to drive our world into the metaland, live music, played with real instruments, is seemingly becoming a relic of the past. Thankfully, however, there are some dope musicians out there that continue to fight against that impending reality.

Insert: The Monday Program.

Corey Grand, a veteran DJ on Cleveland’s own Z1079, has several endeavors. Most of them include his love of music, including The Monday Program.

We sat down with Corey to discuss a recent live performance, as his crew was featured in the MidWest Concert Series. Check out the dope video, and keep scrolling to see what Corey had to say about the experience!

Per Corey Grand: 

“A Midwest Concert Series” is an intimate concert series recorded in unique spaces, showcasing artists from across the Midwest. Episodes are released weekly on YouTube. This season was filmed at Re:bar in downtown Cleveland.

The Monday Program was selected to perform on the first episode of the season.

The series was produced and directed by Rachel Ulloa and Javier Davis. 

Influencd by The Tiny Desk series, founder Rachel Ulloa was inspired to create a different type of viewing and listening experience. She wanted to find an innovative way for artists to share their music with others across the world during a time live performances weren’t possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She decided to film small, intimate concerts in her living room, making the viewer feel as if they were in the same room enjoying a private concert.
Definitely more to come! We kicked off the first episode of the series, with more artists to explore throughout the rest of the season.

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