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Chicago is a world in itself when it comes to crime, so much so that the Midwest’s most populous area has notoriously been deemed as “Chi-raq” over the years. Of course, much of that negative connotation has to do with the gun violence that runs rampant throughout the Windy City on a regular basis.

One Chi-town man thought it would be fun to boast the city’s gun problem by not only flashing but actually pointing a gun at a local news crew as they were shooting a live segment.

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FOX 32 correspondent Joanie Lum can be seen in the live taping (seen above) standing outside as she ironically enough delivered a report on gun violence in Chicago. The man appears from behind, and immediately his gun is in view for all to see and was just inches away from Lum’s face. Fellow anchor Anita Padilla confirmed that the gun-toting person of interest pointed the firearm directly at their cameraman, Gary.

As expected, many viewers called in with concerns for the safety of Lum and all involved. Per a spokesperson for the station, a statement was released to alleviate any worries which reads, “Thank you to the viewers who were watching Good Day Chicago and called or emailed to make sure our crew was okay.” Chicago police are currently searching for the gunman’s whereabouts.

The topic of gun violence is on the minds of many as of late, particularly following the tragic mass shootings in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas just 10 days apart from each other. Although no one was hurt in this situation, it’s still a cause for alarm given how freely many people in America are proudly carrying around guns. As we see in this case, some are not even responsible enough to possess the great responsibility that comes with being a gun owner.

Say safe and be on alert out here, Chi-town!

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