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Close-Up Of Hand Holding Strawberries

OMG! Before you eat those strawberries. . .ask yourself the following questions: Are they organic? Did you purchase and or freeze them between March 5th and April 25th? Did you get them from Kroger / Aldi / Walmart or Trader Joes? If yes to any of those questions — don’t even mess around — just throw them thangs out!

The FDA released a statement linking a recent spread of Hepatitis A cases to organic strawberries bought between 3/5 and 4/25 and at the store chains mentioned above. So let’s dig digger into these berries for a minute! These particular strawberries were “FreshKampo” and “HEB” [labeled] strawberries. Now it is key to know these particular berries are now past shelf life so they wouldn’t be in stores currently however — again if you froze those berries during 3/5 thru 4/25 — yeah you wanna toss em! And if you don’t recall when you bought the strawberries you just recently froze — it is still recommended you toss em out!

Get more on where these outbreaks were traced back to and more [HERE].

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