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Kenya Moore hair care

Source: Erick Robinson / Erick Robinson

From the Miss USA stage to the screens of reality television, entrepreneur and philanthropist Kenya Moore is a force to be reckoned with. The 51-year-old is a mother to a three-year-old daughter named Brooklyn Daly who Moore conceived through IVF, an actress, author, and the founder of the bustling hair care line, Kenya Moore Hair Care.

That may seem like a lot of responsibility for some, but Moore doesn’t allow her grueling schedule to overpower her will to get it all done and get it done right – a notion that she prides her brand on. In an exclusive interview, the entrepreneur shares what inspired the launch of Kenya Moore Hair Care, what’s next for the brand, and where we can expect to see Moore next!

HB: You launched your hair care line, Kenya Moore Hair Care, in 2014. You’ve always had a passion for prioritizing the health of your hair. You even shared that your grandmother would emphasize that “hair is your crowning glory.” What has the quote come to mean to you today?

That’s a really good question! So what that means to me today is that you should be proud of the hair that’s growing out of your head, period – point blank. We can wear wigs, we can wear protective styles, we can wear braids, we can wear our hair red, green, orange, purple, blue – you name it. And it can all be styles that are expressive and fun. It can be styles that you just felt like rocking for that day. But at the end of the day, you should not wear them out of necessity because you feel ashamed of your damaged or broken hair underneath.

It should really be because you want to indulge in those styles. And for me, ‘hair is your crowning glory’ means that you love the hair that’s growing out of your head. And it’s healthy. It doesn’t have to be down your back, but it just should be healthy. And something that you’re proud of. 

HB: Yes, and although you’ve always prioritized the health of your hair, there did come a time where – due to your grueling schedule as an actress, model, and pageant queen – that your hair began breaking off. Working in a field where physical appearance is prioritized and under a microscope, how did you handle the change with your hair, and how did you maintain your self-esteem ?

That’s a good question. It was really a traumatic experience. It was during a time when I was at the mercy of the hairstylist whose chair I was sitting in. I would be filming television shows, or doing movies, and being Miss USA, and every time that I would go to a different city, someone else would be doing my hair. And all of that damage was being done to my hair, and it caused it to begin breaking off. I ended up having to do a big chop and figure out for myself how to be able to get my healthy hair back and growing again.

It’s challenging for me because now, fast forward to 2022, I don’t have the exact same issues, but I’m on television more because I’m doing a television show, and I’ve had to figure out ways to protect my hair, while still allowing it to rest through such a grueling schedule. When filming, I might have to change my hair two or three times a day, which is really excessive.

So I’ve had to learn to embrace more protective styles – and I have to say that I’m not the best at it yet. But I believe that when you have a great hair day, you feel great. So what I want is for people to always experience a great hair day through my hair care line. And be able to embrace their natural, healthy hair and, more importantly, be proud of it.

HB: Due to your challenges, you worked alongside chemists and discovered a breakthrough solution with Kenya Moore Hair Care. What would you say makes your brand stand out among the long list of hair care brands tailored to meet the needs of women of color?

Kenya Moore

Source: Erick Robinson / Erick Robinson

Well, I think what makes us stand out is the unique ingredients that we use in our products. We use ingredients that no one else has, or consistently has, in their products. Such as bamboo water, Abyssinian oil – which actually outperforms argan oil. It’s a signature product that we use in all of our formulations and products because we know how well those two ingredients work together. And we know that they’re unique, and that’s what makes us stand out.

We don’t ever make a claim that is untrue. And we’re over 96% naturally derived – I have some other products coming out that are 100% natural as well. And so we are also leaning towards more sustainable packaging and, ultimately, what’s on trend. So we have a lot of great things coming down the pipe that I’m really excited about and can’t wait to share with everyone.

HB: You have all of these amazing products. You have a Growth Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, Growth Serum, Hair Follicle Stimulator with Moore Edges, and more. What else can we expect from Kenya Moore Hair Care? And of course, what else can we expect next from you?

Kenya Moore

Source: Erick Robinson / Erick Robinson

Kenya Moore Hair Care just launched our leave-in conditioner – something that I had been working on for so long because I wanted to get the formulation right. And we have some really unique ingredients in that, but the combination is outstanding. I’m so proud of it because it really does protect and strengthen the hair.

We’re also developing more and more products like that. But I think what’s really exciting is this – I call this first line of products my signature line because it’s designed for restoring and repairing damaged hair. My next line – which you can expect to see within the next three months or hopefully before Christmas – is my styling line. So it’s the sister line to the signature line, and it’s designed to protect your hair and make it strong, but now it also brings in the action of styling the hair. It’s going to include mooses, curly custards, and things like that. And I’m so extremely excited for it.

As for me, I just did a secret project with two other ‘Housewives.’ So you’ll be seeing that soon. And then I’ll be at BravoCon too. So fans can come and see us up close and personal, as well as all of their favorite celebrities.

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