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You know how they say ‘the customer is always right’? Yeah, I don’t think that applies to this guy. A Hibachi restaurant in Westerville, Ohio probably knows that better than anyone else.

On September 21 at Genjigo, located at 14 East Schrock Rd in Westerville, a man can be seen on a security camera apparently upset about something that’s wrong with his order. There’s no audio in the video, but the man goes from talking to the cashier to then ripping the lid off of an order of food and hurling it in the direction of the restaurant employees.

He doesn’t stop there. The man continues to aggressively throw anything within reach in the direction of the workers. In this video alone he threw eight total items, including bottles and the rack that held them.

After the initial encounter, the enraged suspect is then approached by someone off-screen and an apparent fight ensues before the camera finally cuts off.

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Sheesh! And I thought my reactions to botched food orders were ruthless. It doesn’t feel like that after watching this video!

For the record, nothing that upsets us by way of customer service, literally nothing, should get a person to be this upset. It’s truly a sad display of emotions and a pure lack of control.

This story was initially reported by FOX 8.


A worker appeared to be ringing up the suspect’s order but pointed at the screen and said something to the man. The suspect grew agitated and leaned around a glass pane at the window. He pointed at the bowl of food and started to talk more to the two workers in the kitchen as well as turning to the other customer next to him.

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Westerville police are asking for anyone with information regarding this event to reach out to their anonymous tip line. Their phone number is 614-901-6866.


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