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Jade for Shark Beauty’s Shark FlexStyle

Source: Jadriena Solomon / Jadriena Solomon

SharkBeauty’s Shark FlexStyle might be the answer to a seamless blowout.

As a lover of all things beauty, I’ve been on a mission to find the perfect hair tool that allows me to do more with less. So naturally, I was immediately drawn to the Dyson AirWrap — a hair tool that will enable you to achieve voluminous curls, a sleek blowout, or mermaid waves with just the switch of a brush head or barrel. But at a $600 price tag, I couldn’t see myself biting the bullet. To my surprise, however, I’ve found the perfect, most infallible alternative — at less than half of Dyson’s original price point. Yes, you read that correctly.

SharkBeauty’s Shark FlexStyle utilizes HyperAIR™ IQ Technology, allowing a “powerful, fast drying” styling process with “no heat damage.” As a proud curly girl, I had to test the product for myself and see if it lived up to its promise of no heat damage but also created an easy-to-achieve, flawless blowout style.

I started on freshly washed hair and sectioned off my crown for a side-part blowout. I used the oval brush attachment and began the blowout process with no added products.

The styling process

Jade for Shark Beauty’s Shark FlexStyle

Source: Jadriena Solomon / Jadriena Solomon

What I immediately loved about this hair tool is that it is on the lighter side when it comes to weight — one and a half pounds, to be exact. I’ll be the first to admit that I usually refrain from at-home blowouts because I hate the feeling of spaghetti arms after holding a heavy blow dryer for two hours, but this experience wasn’t that. The Shark FlexStyle also includes four heat settings (1 option is for cold air) and three airflow settings, allowing you to customize the blow-drying experience to your liking. (Let’s be real, some of us hate the blow-drying process because we can’t stand the excessive heat.)

In addition, the styling process was extremely simple. I could move through my entire head, creating flawless curls and sets in just two hours. And the process probably would’ve been faster if I had taken the time to dry my hair up to 80%. Not to mention, drying my hair up to 80% and using a styling or smoothing product would have also alleviated the frizz I experienced toward the end of my styling. Despite this, two hours on wet hair is an amazing feat.

Expert advice from Ursula Stephen

Jade for Shark Beauty’s Shark FlexStyle

Source: Jadriena Solomon / Jadriena Solomon

After my first use, celebrity hairstylist Ursula Stephen gave me more insight into the tool. She recommends using the Shark FlexStyle on 80%-90% dry hair, as it provides the hair with a more “moisturized and healthier” drying experience. She suggested that starting with a leave-in conditioner is a great way to prevent frizz and seal the hair with moisture. Stephens also recommends finishing off the style Dove Brilliant Gloss and Repair Serum to “smooth the hair and seal the split ends.” She adds that since the tool utilizes air rather than heat, it’s safe to grab for periodic touch-ups throughout the week.

If you’re interested in creating a flawless blowout with the Oval Brush, know that SharkBeauty’s Shark FlexStyle also comes equipped with a Styling Concentrator, 1.25” Auto-Wrap Curlers, a Paddle Brush, and a Curl-Defining Diffuser. In addition, it can be used with a wide-tooth comb attachment. So does it check all of the boxes? Affordability? Yes. Easy to use? Yes. Multi-use? Definitely. And flawless results? I’ll say so!

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