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Welcome to this Monday edition of the Amanda Seales podcast.  We welcome Jeremiah Like The Bible onto the Amanda Seales Show. Today’s episode of the Amanda Seales Show podcast discussed a range of topics such as the expulsion of two members from the Tennessee house, Amanda Seales’ review of the new edition legacy tour, Hulu’s upcoming documentary on Freaknik, and the “Big Up Let Down.” the podcast promised to be informative and entertaining.


  • (04:41) BLACKURATE NEWS: Tennessee’s House Expels ⅔  Democrat Rep. Over Gun Protest
  • (10:04) Donald Glover Says Tina Fey Called Him A “Diversity Hire” On 30 Rock
  • (13:51) The Group Chat: What’s A Red Flag In A Man’s Bedroom/Apartment?
  • (20:15) Do You Delete Photos Of Your Ex? Last Week We Asked If You Delete Photos Of Your Ex After A Breakup! Let’s Kick Off The Week And Go To The Phones:
  • (22:38) BLACKURATE NEWS: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Needs To Resign! We’ll Tell You Why!
  • (31:27) Amanda Went To New Edition’s Legacy Tour Last Weekend! How Was It!? We’ll Talk About That In A Few!
  • (35:24) – BIG UP, LET DOWN: BIG UP –  exonerated ‘Central Park 5’ Member Responds To Trump’s 1989 Ad . LET DOWN – North Dakota Turns Down Bill Providing Free School Lunch, Signs Bill Reimbursing Their Own!
  • (40:05) – What Would You Bring To Outer Space To Remind You Of Your Blackness!?
  • (43:17 BLACKURATE NEWS: We Spoke About ⅔ Of The Tennessee Rep That Were Expelled For Protesting Gun Reform! What Happens If They’re Re-Elected!?
  • (51:33) Hulu’s Releasing A Documentary About Freaknik! Listen To The Small Doses Podcast With Amanda Seales The Latest Episode Is Titles Small Doses Of Integrity!
  • (56:38) Join The Conversation Or Just Say Hello By Calling In At 855-AMANDA 8, 855-262-6328!  We Have A Caller Needs Some Advice On A Situation She Is In!
  • (60:01) BLACKURATE NEWS: A Federal Judge Suspends Fda’s Longtime Approval Of Abortion Pill!
  • (65:56) This Father’s Going Viral For A Gift He Got His Son On His 13th Birthday!





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