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A viral TikTok challenge has claimed the life of an Ohio teen, and now the family is speaking out.

13-year-old Jacob Stevens of Greenfield, near Dayton, passed away after overdosing on Benedryl. The TikTok challenge called for people to take “12 to 14” Benedryl pills to achieve a hallucinating effect. Stevens was taken to a local hospital and placed on a ventilator. He never woke up.

Now the family is issuing strong warnings against over-the-counter medications.

FOX 8 initially reported the story.

From FOX 8:

“Put age limits on it,” Dianna Stevens, Jacob’s grandmother, said. “It’s the same thing with the Benadryl. Maybe we need to put an age group that they cannot buy aspirin, they can’t buy Benadryl. It’s not just TikTok. It’s anything that’s out there that can damage these children’s lives.”

To read the entire FOX 8 report, [click here].

This is just another tragic story in the long list of issues reported about the Chinese-based social media app. Some stateside lawmakers are attempting to have the app banned, and in some areas of the country it already is.

TikTok claims to have removed any and all videos associated with the challenge.

Do you allow your child to use TikTok?

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