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In today’s episode of Broke Rich People Problems, alleged billionaire Donald Trump is out here begging his MAGA supporters to foot the $464 million bill to pay his bond in the New York civil fraud case against him.

The move comes as New York Attorney General Letitia James, who filed the lawsuit against Trump, is reportedly preparing to seize the former president’s real estate assets ahead of a looming deadline to pay up.

According to the Independent, the former commander-in-chief (and current commander-in-multiple-bankruptcies-and-criminal-indictments) issued a desperate memo to his MAGA minions begging them to help him save the various properties that bear his name.

”KEEP YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF TRUMP TOWER!” the memo reads. “Insane radical Democrat AG Letitia James wants to SEIZE my properties in New York. THIS INCLUDES THE ICONIC TRUMP TOWER!”

From the Independent:

Mr Trump’s lawyers notified an appeals court this week that their client has failed to raise the money to cover the bond, saying finding a surety company to help them was proving a “practical impossibility”.

Asked in an interview with Fox News on Wednesday whether Mr Trump could look to wealthy overseas donors in Russia or Saudi Arabia for help, Trump attorney Alina Habba did not rule it out, stating instead that she could not discuss strategy.

So, basically, Trump isn’t Trumping enough to pay his bills (he probably couldn’t sell enough Trump sneakers), and now the supposed billionaire is hitting his people with Kevin Hart’s “See, the way my bank account is set up” routine in explaining why he needs to dig into their pockets instead of his own.

That social media post came as CNN reported that the “New York attorney general’s office has filed judgments in Westchester County, the first indication that the state is preparing to try to seize Donald Trump’s golf course and private estate north of Manhattan, known as Seven Springs.”

You know who also probably isn’t too happy about all of this? Rudy Giuliani.

Last year, it was reported that Giuliani was begging Trump to pay his legal fees, which probably had something to do with why his former lawyers filed a lawsuit against him a month later alleging that he had only paid a small fraction of the legal fees he owes, which amounts to nearly $1.6 million. And that was before the former NYC mayor and Trump stooge was hit with a $148 million judgment as the result of a lawsuit filed by Ruby Freeman and her daughter, Wandrea Arshaye “Shaye” Moss, whom he defamed with baseless claims that they were involved in non-existent election fraud in 2020.

Now, it looks like Trump will be another lifeline Giuliani doesn’t have because the silver spoon tycoon with the hair like an orange raccoon (BARS!) apparently isn’t the baller he purports himself to be.

Looks like leadership is down bad in the MAGA world.



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