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black and white people hand fist bump together to greet friends in modern teenagers.

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What’s the test of a true friendship? Some might say it’s being able to keep a secret, while others would argue that you’ll know when the both of you are completing each other’s sentences. However, one of the greatest ways to tell if you’ve got a buddy on your side is when it comes down to fisticuffs.

So…would you fight on behalf of a friend in order to prove your loyalty?



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We decided to ask that question to a few listeners of The Amanda Seales Show, and the answers will seriously have you rolling on the floor with laughter or quite possibly pondering on your friendships and if they meet the head-cracking criteria. We had our Urban ONE friend Colby “Colb” Tyner on the show as well to add his expert opinion, and the boss man had a pretty wild story of scuffling himself!

Take a listen below to today’s discussion on The Amanda Seales Show, and let us know if you could see yourself jumping in and/or fighting for a friend:




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