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Ky-Mani Marley is in Cleveland promoting his book about his famous father. He stopped by the studio to tell us about his book and the disrespectful comments said about his beloved mother. I don’t know about you but if somebody talks about my mother then they got another thing coming. VIDEO INTERVIEW

One of the sons of late reggae star Bob Marley was detained this morning after having a heated argument with DJ Rover (Who is Rover, the dog?).

Ky-Mani Marley is in Cleveland promoting his book about his famous father.

During the interview, Rover, 30, made a disrespectful sexual comment about Marley’s mother, who was a pingpong ball champion…. Rover said: Your “mother must have been good with balls” to marry your dad?!

Marley was angered by the comment and addressed the disrespectful comments and the interview continued with no more disrespect from Rover. He left the studio there after peacefully and apparently turned the radio on in his car. Rover was still talking about him and called his whole entourage out disrespecting them all furthermore calling them “Pussies!”. In my opinion this was all drama because Rover wanted some attention! Well now he will get it!

Marley returned to the station and voiced his anger towards the disrespect. A heated argument ensued with Marley and threats were exchanged. Much of the profanity was kept off the air using the station’s delay system. As we know this radio station does not represent the best of Cleveland and of course Z107.9 had to step in. Now you know we can’t let a Marley leave Cleveland without showing him some love. This is not the type of behavior we want to represent Cleveland so Marley came to visit the Z107.9 studio and we had nothing but love for him. The video will be up soon but for now we wanted to clear the air since reports are saying otherwise. Rover better not be seen on the streets of Cleveland without security if he is going to talk about someones momma, just sayin! Cleveland we can do better!

See full interview with Ky Mani and Realionaire Farrah Grey.

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