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So I don’t know about ya but the VMA’s this year was alright! The performances were on point (shout out to my girl Nicki, Meg and Cardi, Weezy F Baby and more) and of course — the stars came out in their VMA best! So we wanted to share some of our favorite fits of […]

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“It’s my birthday, I deserve to be greedy huh…” It is his birthday — his 46th to be exact! Happy Birthday 2 Chainz AKA Tity Boi! I’d say he had a nice start to his birthday “month” performing during Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour, September 1st in Inglewood! Here’s to the many times our guy was 2 wavy! […]

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Kelly Price! You know — Miss “She Was a Friend of Mine” (if you remember that song) or maybe you remember how she went missing?  Ok so let me throw it back real quick to 2021 (pandemic time). You might recall the news that Kelly Price was MISSING — this after she revealed she had […]

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Remember trust falls? When you would fall back into someone and hope they catch you? Trusting someone else to basically have your back and keep you from hittin the floor? Lol Sometimes trust falls were used as ice breakers in school, did ya ever do em? Or maybe you tried it with you friends or […]


19 year old Coco Gauff did her thing at the US Open in NYC — claiming her first Grand Slam title after defeating Aryna Sabalenka. Coco beat Sabalenka in three sets! The first set 2 to 6, 2nd set 6 to 3, and the 3rd set 6 to 2! Coco’s win makes her the “youngest […]

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Your boy 50 might wanna calm his self down cause he’s currently facing battery charges after he threw a fit (and then some) during his show last night! Footage from his Final Lap Tour show last night in LA shows 50 having some difficulty with his mic (at least that’s what it looks like to […]

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Santa Clara was playing no games with Beyonce’s arrival to the Levi Stadium today! Upon her touching down in the Bay Area, the city’s Mayor Lisa Gillmor had some plans of her own for the queen! She decided to make Bey honorary Mayor of Santa Clara for the day! The love didn’t stop there, she […]

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After talking about the high school football coach who hit his player in the gut — we thought we’d ask our cousins what YOU would have done in that situation as a parent? Some people said kids are soft these days and that as a parent they would have encouraged their child to basically “man […]


Well parents get into this one! Picture you’re in the stands excited to watch your child play the game they love (in this case football) and you witness the teams coach punch your child in the stomach! What would you do? This unfortunate exchange happened in Atlanta during a high school football game. In a […]

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Yeah…ok so this is  very much giving Silence of the Lamb! Your boy Miguel had a question for his fans asking: “What is your relationship to pain? What is your relationship to change?” This was attached to a series of photos — the first photo showing his back with some bloody punctured wounds. When you […]


Today’s video of the day should be recognizable! It’s only an unforgettable scene from a movie you might know! Do you know the movie? Did he nail it or naw? Catch Ro inside the Day Party weekdays 3pm to 7pm! Follow @rodigga @z1079 for more!

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Well cousins there was a nasty little rumor going around surrounding the Harvey’s! The word was that Marjorie Harvey was cheating on Steve with a body guard…AND a personal chef! Now I don’t know who started this rumor and why but both Steve and Marjorie weren’t here for it and wasted no time in shutting […]