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Congrats boo! Now get yo shhh together cause you know damn well you ain’t had no business calling Stern fishy ass! Lol. . .When you can’t separate TV shows from reality! SMH Catch Ro Digga inside The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm! 


Hmmmmmmm. . .? Via Hiphopwired: In other words Solange may very well be the muse for some of the best music that’s come out in the past year and change [Lemonade, A Seat At The Table, 4:44]. Would Jay Z actually name his “I’m Sorry” album after the building in which Solange G-checked him? Fans – and […]

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I’ve heard em say. . .couples who work out together stay together! Catch Ro Digga inside The Day Party weekdays beginning at 3pm! 

I only wish I could’ve gotten my hands on the audio lol. Certain stories write themselves! Enjoy ! Be sure to Subscribe to my Podcast Channel The LOAD Network! Follow me on Twitter/IG : @DjKNYCE  

I never ever ever ever ever could understand the concept of running trains, and being gassed for sloppy seconds. Seems like the perfect scenario for a rape case if you ask me……enter todays dumb ass…A$AP Bari ! Be sure to like & Subscribe & be sure to check out my podcast on The LOAD Network […]

We all know Connor McGregor is a showman……a lot of people are taking issue with his comments toward Floyd Mayweather, I am NOT. Its expected, what I wont stand for is the biting of the hand that will feed you better than you’ve ever been fed…….boy. Be sure to like & Subscribe & be sure […]

Sometimes people get mad at me for who I decide to make the #YBD…..I dont give a damn. If you are the type of person who values “likes” over “life” or “freedom”, you my friend are a DUMMY. And that seems to be exactly the case with todays contestant. Enjoy!

18 year old Kyandrea Cook cried like a baby when sentenced to 20+ years for her role in a setup that ended with a teen male dead. As always hit the like & subscribe buttons on YouTube, and remember to never be a dummy !

And another example of when White Privilege goes wrong……in her defense she did NOT drop the “N” Bomb. Enjoy !!

Someone get their Auntie…….theres a special place for anyone that gets upset @ a baby. Enjoy !

Being a rapper without a hit has to be a hard job. Especially when your known for flexing on your haters, showing out, and f’ing the next mans b****…..enter Roscoe Dash. Whens news hit the net that he was a LYFT driver he went into instant damage recovery mode, threw on his chains and rebutted […]

In keeping with the theme of “Bad Teachers” ……… (keep in mind, I dont write this stuff I just report on it lol)