The Story Of O.J Footnotes Kill Jay-Z So far so good Mr.Carter if you plan to release a video to every track from the album 4:44 I will not complain keep them coming

Meek Mill is back with a whole new vision behind his album soon to release Meek defiantly is killing the waves with this pre order his album now link below:

NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk Concert’ series is simply Amazing have you seen T.Pain Tiny Desk Concert? Check this out  This week Chicago’s own Chance The Rapper stopped by with some of his close friends and it was super dope. Chance held nothing back, reciting a poem that he wrote earlier during the day before he hit […]

While on vacation in the Bahamas, celebrating the massive success of his recent release Grateful, Khaled gifted two of his team members brand-new Rolex watches for their hard work, commitment and loyalty to his process. “When someone asks what time it is, tell then it’s our time,” said Khaled after dolling out the watches to […]

Jay Kicks Jalen Biddle, better known by his stage name Jay Kicks, is a 25 year old MC from the east side of Cleveland, OH. He’s been making music since 15 years old, but actually started the groundwork for a career in 2014. He’s also the CEO of 3117 Records, a label he started after […]

Ever seen the Kiss The Trophy dad hat Lebron wore exiting the plane last year as he held the championship trophy high well meet the creators pushing their latest visual to the 7th floor brand track D.R.E.A.M produced by Rich the Firestarter of HDMG 

My dogs from Cincinnati came threw and dropped the visual to that 2020 Tesla check out Evan’s latest project “Last November” NOW!!  

Breathtaking we all knew it was something petty but damn man if you haven’t seen Chris Browns “This Is Me” documentary do it NOW!!!

Maaaaaaaaaaaan These Child Stars grow up and be on some complete trash once they get older they’re so cute and innocent but as soon as they turn 18 it get so crazy for them here’s a list of videos of child stars grown up and grown out!!! 1. Shia Leboeuf  2.Orlando Brown 3. Todd Bridges […]

Shia LaBeouf went full racist at the Savannah Police Dept. where he was arrested this past weekend, telling a black officer he would go to hell because of his skin color. In newly released video, while Shia was being fingerprinted he looked at a black officer and said, “You’re going to hell, straight to hell, […]

Dee-Dee A Jetsonz Music Media featured artist with enthusiastic energy and a true appreciation for life and hip hop. Dee-Dee’s lyrical style and performance energy are unsurpassed. He was born and raised in the Hall of Fame city and works hard to be a positive role model for his family and three children. Dee-Dee says […]

One of the hottest songs out this summer has an visual to jam too It’s Young Carti Young Carti