True Terisa Rue, (True) is the all American R&B/Pop recording artist, musician, model and actress. Rue is working on countless projects releasing her hit single and video “BLOW IT” she is getting ready to release her new singles “EVERYTIME”, “GO LIVE” AND PURPLE X FEAT WATTS. Be on the look out for her up and […]

You guys may have heard artist drop singles about the NBA FINALS Rick Ross, Lil Wayne even Locals have fired rounds making singles about the Cavs Paper Paulk has took an different approach instead of 1 single it seems he has more songs under his belt Paulk stated “With the Cavs in the NBA Finals […]

Chelsea Pastel Chelsea Ferguson, also know as Chelsea Pastel was born and raised in Cleveland,Ohio. Chelsea gravitated to music at an early age and that love for music was only further nurtured when she began attending the Cleveland School Of Arts. Since graduating from CSA, Chelsea has been writing music and building a name for […]

E Tha Monstar Born 4-19-1993, born and raised in Cleveland, hip-hop artist and CEO of Cleveland entertainment group M.O.N.S.T.A.R.S.  Social Media:  Instagram: @ethamonstar ALL ARTIST INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING IN DOPE OR NOPE SEND PHONE NUMBER, PIC, BIO, SOUNDCLOUD, SOCIAL MEDIA, AND YOUTUBE VISUAL TO:

(AllHipHop News) Rich Homie Quan ran into some legal trouble over the weekend, after he was arrested by police in Georgia.The rapper was due to play a gig at a venue called Club Liquids in Wadley, Georgia, when he and his entourage credit to a police checkpoint. Local police officers searched the rapper’s vehicle, and […]

F5VE 27 year old rapper/beatmaker from Cleveland. East Cleveland to be exact. If I were to describe my style of music, I’d have to say it would probably be enigmatic. I don’t stay in one particular lane and tend to do whatever I feel at the moment of creating. Alot of people say I rap […]

Bellaire Ro$eff from Bellaire projects on w.123rd . O HAVE A HIT SINGLE CALLED OLAY MONEY OUT HOTTEST SONG RIGHT NOW BUT I work hard for mine I stay focus and I try to put everything that I go through into a song . My Album is everywhere you can think off just search .Hopefully […]

Drew Banks 24 year old artist born in Louisiana then moved to Cleveland at a young age. Went from home to home around the country hoping to stop somewhere. Fell in love with music at a young age. I’m the youngest of 5 siblings and I’m the second with a talent to sing. I have […]

Kool Kirk Kirk Gillispie (Kool Kirk) was born October 25, 1992 (age 24) in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. The artist/songwriter got his name at the early age of 13 for his laid back, carefree attitude with his friends coining his nick name Kool. At the age off 15 he started to write raps with […]

The Billboard Awards was filled with many moments Desiigner took home Two Awards One being Top Rap Song – Panda, Beyoncé took home five awards and drake manage to be the star of the night taking home a whomping 13 awards breaking Adele’s record by one award. While all the artist were winning Clevelands own […]

​​ It was suppose to be so simple “Yo This is Marlon Wayans and I’m Posted On The Corner With Incognito” that was all this fool had to say but noooooooooooo he had to show us why he’s the best to do it lol watch the video above

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