A landlord was decapitated by his tenant after a dispute between them over unpaid rent that came as the country is bracing for mass evictions as states' protections expired at the start of August.

Julian Conley, 19, who is suspected of shooting at a car in Atlanta and killing an 8-year-old girl inside, was charged with Secoriea Turner's murder on the same day that her funeral was being held.

On behalf of the family of George Floyd, attorney Benjamin Crump is suing the city of Minneapolis as well as all four of the cops involved in the Memorial Day police homicide.

Meechie Hoe, a comedian who developed a large following on social media, was reportedly shot and killed in Philadelphia.

Secoriea Turner died July 4 after being hit when multiple gunmen shot at her mother's car that the little girl was riding inside. 

Yugeshwar Gaindarpersaud claims a police officer in Schenectady beat him, kneeled on his head and arrested him on his own property for a crime the Black man did not commit.

One bar owner in the City of Brotherly Love failed to show at least one brother any love at all when, in fact, all that was being done was a simple common courtesy in the name of public health.

A Black man almost got lynched in Indiana on the Fourth of July, according to a social media post he wrote that was accompanied by video footage of the encounter with a group of white men at Lake Monroe near Bloomington.

"Karen" literally decided to take matters into her own hands when she destroyed a display of face masks at a Target store in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The driver who drove his car into a group of Black Lives Matter protesters in Seattle, leaving two of them in critical condition, has been identified as a man named Dawit Kelete.

Moving George Floyd's case out of Minneapolis could mean less diverse jury pools that are more sympathetic to police officers, thus increasing the chances of acquittals or mistrials.

It's been more than three months since Louisville police officers executed Breonna Taylor in her own home.