WASHINGTON — A U.S. Army general in northern Iraq has added pregnancy to the list of reasons a soldier under his command could be court-martialed.

PANAMA CITY BEACH — Bay County deputies say a 23-year-old man who was shocked with a stun gun died after choking on a large bag of marijuana during an attempted arrest.

2009 was a rough year for celebrities. If they weren’t going to jail, they were getting divorced, and in some extremely unfortunate situations, they were dying.

From the Washington Post: Case closed. RELATED: Congress Agrees To Subpoena State Dinner Crashers

The buzz on Cory Gunz began earlier this decade when Tommy Motolla signed him to Casablanca Records. After that deal fell through, Jay-Z brought him on board at Def Jam.

From The Daily Beast: Danny Glover, Jesse Jackson, and other activists talk to Lloyd Grove about disappointment in the African-American community with the president’s first year.

In an interview with BBC Radio 1xtra DJ Semtex, Mos Def revealed details about his highly anticipated collaboration with Damon Albarn, the mastermind behind the animated group Gorillaz. Video: Eminem, Mos Def, Black Thought & DJ Premier BET Cypher I’ll probably be the fifth or sixth Gorilla. How many do they have now? I think […]

From Black America Web: EUR has learned that actress/singer Alaina Reed Hall-Amini has died. She was 63.

Keyshia Cole’s biological mom, Frankie Lons, recently paid a visit to Atlanta’s legendary strip club Magic City and found herself on the pole…

From the Washington Post: On a beautiful Saturday afternoon a couple of years ago, we entered the sanctuary at Covenant Baptist Church and took our places in front of the altar, just as we had countless times before in our more than 20 years as partners in ministry.

From Because of the above picture, my buddy The Black Snob is just now regaining feeling in the left side of her face. As I look at it, all I can think is: Kanye’s not that swoll.

A colleague of mine, Dr. Deborah Stroman, recently pointed me toward an episode of the ESPN Show, “Outside the Lines.”