A Danish anti-domestic violence advocacy group recently launched a highly provocative web site simply called “Hit The Bitch.” 

Rihanna Brings Out Young Jeezy To Perform Hard Live In London + Jay-Z “Run This Town”

Pole Dancing Gone Wrong: Drunk Girl At A Wedding Thought She Was At The Strip Joint & Brings The Whole House Down

50 Cent’s Cheetah Vision Films company has inked a deal with a Georgia production company Action Jackson Films, to produce and finance 3-5 major films per year.

Everyone is blogging these days so Super Blogs is the group to go to for blogging.

Drake, Wale and Kid Cudi are featured in a year-end roundup in the latest edition of GQ, pictured in a story that claims that the three of them helped kill off hip-hop’s “gangster persona.”

With collaborations ranging from Bob Dylan to Kenny Rogers to Carlos Santana under his belt, it did not come as a shocker to see another onetime Brooklyn resident, Cyndi Lauper work with Wyclef Jean.

From A conservative watchdog group is suing Mayor Daley and the city for failing to turn over information about the Obama administration’s involvement in Chicago’s failed Olympic bid.

See Video Check this out ya’ll these two “bozos” are in court suing eachother behind a drug deal gone wrong….SMH…Come on people let’s get it together.. Article courtesy of

In a dismal year for the Cleveland Browns, wide receiver/returner Josh Cribbs has proved to be one of the only bright spots. Last month he showed he’s equally good off the field. The Pro Bowler traveled to Berea, OH to walk onto the field on senior night with the son of one of his former […]