Hannah Warren, in Nelsonville, hopped into the driver seat of a Nissan SUV while the driver was being arrested for an open warrant.

Executive produced by Cleveland's own Quincy 'Big Heff' Taylor and Dion Hatcher, The Capp is a drama film based in Cleveland, Ohio.

In hopes of getting guns off the street, on December 3 in Summit County, residents will have the opportunity to turn in a gun and get a gift card in return. The event takes place in East Akron from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 539 South Arlington Street. The gun must be unloaded before […]

  Ohio is a state that is often overlooked if you aren’t a mid-westerner but there’s a lot going on in this state.  From food to fashion there are a lot of unique and great things about the state of Ohio. Ohio is the birthplace to many greats like George Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker, Halle […]

Ohio Attorney General David Yost says that his office has recieved more than 10 complaints about the retailer that has more than 900 strores in the Buckeye State. Those complaints claim that Dollar General has consistently charged more at the register than what was listed on or near several products.

The Cleveland Browns defeated the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football last night. And just like that, excitement for football is back in Northeast Ohio.

As the holiday season approaches more and more people are looking for additional income. Some employers, coincidentally, are also looking to boost their staffing numbers during the most stressful shopping time of the year.

Thousands of kids across the area will set out in search of their favorite treats in just a few hours. Keep reading to see what time trick-or-treating starts in your neighborhood! 

The Trump presidency was a wild time for Americans, rife with uncertainty for some and extreme boldness for others. One that also culminated in the infamous attack on the U.S. Capitol. on January 6, 2021. Christine Priolo, a 50-year-old woman from Willoughby, plead guilty in July for her part in the attack. With photo evidence […]

A weapons charge has been filed against a local high school senior for bringing a tactical rifle along with a full magazine of ammunition into a school. East Tech 18-year-old senior Jamar Hunter was arrested for bringing an AR-15 rifle into the building. It was found during one of the school’s standard search checkpoints. Hunter […]

Deshaun Watson, the suspended quarterback of the Cleveland Browns, has yet another former massage therapist claiming Watson was sexually inappropriate during their sessions.

A 79-year-old man in Dover, Ohio has been sentenced for shooting and killing a bird. But there's a catch.