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She’s no stranger to tattoos, but Miley Cyrus inked up a very sensitive spot on Friday (March 14). The “Wrecking Ball” singer posted a photo of herself on Instagram looking into the camera while pulling down her bottom lip to expose a colorful character. Source

If you are partaking in the St. Patty’s Day festivities here are 13 ways to help deal with that hangover— or even prevent it from happening in the first place! According to Greatlist.com, 1. Go one for one. It’s no secret that drinking water can help deflect that pounding AM headache (pretty much the opposite of a good […]

Grandmother Ava Farley told KCAL that she started feeling strange after eating pizza that she got from a Los Angeles restaurant. But her 10-year-old grandson, Clintay, reacted significantly worse. “He started cussing, going off, talking crazy, ran out the door butt naked,” Farley told the station. She took the boy to the emergency room, where […]

According to the Huff Post, the Bear that was “right here” in Toronto on Thursday morning turned out to be a rather large dog, City News Toronto reported. “I was actually right here and the bear was standing right there,” the caller, cab driver Mohammed Naim, told the news outlet. Naim, whose cab became stuck in […]

Employees of Whirled Pies in Eugene, Ore., said that Leticia Kagele, 36, and Matthew Bossard were drunk and were in the restaurant for “the whole night” prior to the 10 p.m. closing time, according to KMTR. Workers eventually got the pair out the door and locked the restaurant up for the night. But the inebriated couple didn’t go […]

An English teenager is lucky to be alive after suffering three cardiac arrests following a night of drinking. Jayde Dinsdale, 18, drank 10 Jagerbombs — a cocktail made from Red Bull energy drink and Jagermeister spirit — as part of a two-for-one drink special at a local club in Yeovil, Somerset, on Jan. 31, according […]

According to the Folha De Jaragua newspaper, a man identified only as “Bruno” was arrested Friday in connection with a Jan. 27 break-in at a shopping center in Jaragua, Brazil. While there is nothing too shocking about the crimes the man is accused of committing — the alleged theft of discount clothing — it’s the man’s […]

One Heidi Van Horny is planning a VERY special birthday party in Montreal. For some people it’s candles on a cake. For others it’s spankings (with one to grow on). And for reckless students of public universities it’s shots. But an enterprising young pornography actress is considering taking on 23 lovers in honor of her […]

Amanda Engle, 29, was nabbed on Jan. 24 for disorderly conduct after a customer noticed her hocking a loogie into the pizza he purchased, according to The Smoking Gun. The customer just happened to be Unicoi County Sheriff’s Deputy Frank Rogers. “I sat down on the bench which is straight in front of the counter,” he wrote, […]

According to the report, MaState Trooper Michael J. McCammon was driving along the highway at 7 p.m. when he spotted Troy Prockett, in his car driving erratically before crashing into a snowbank. Radio communications show that police searched for about an hour in single-digit temperatures before they spotted Prockett hiding 30 feet in a tree, […]

We were warned of how the the worst snow and ice storm since 1994 would hit the midwest and the east coast. Since today is a “Snow Day” for many of our friends, family and coworkers, lets talk about things that only happen #OnASnowDay. Tweet, Share and Repost the trend #OnASnowDay to @TJ_Radio and @Z1079 on […]