A video of singer Anthony Hamilton covering Silento's viral smash "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) has surfaced and it's the best thing ever.

Since his transfer to a Los Angeles facility from a Nevada hospital, his family released a statement claiming the former NBA player was able to walk on his own for a short time.

Echoing the sentiments of activists who have countered the dismissive "All Lives Matter" refrain, Obama reiterated that while all lives do matter, Black communities are under a specific and unique scourge that needs to be addressed.

First Meek Now Wale? Bossip Reports: New reports have surfaced that Lira may have been after another member of the MMG camp before Meek. Tweets from 2011 show a young Lira thirsting after Wale way before she hooked up with Rick Ross: Did Ricky not run a proper #HoeFax on his lady?? But wait, there’s […]

Love Ranch Owner Dennis Hof Will Sue Khloe Kardashian To Settle Lamar Odom’s Tab Love Ranch owner Dennis Hof wants every red cent that Lamar Odom owes him, failing kidneys or not. According to a report in the DailyMail, Lamar used a credit card to pay for his weekend stay on the ranch and Hof […]

Via Complex –  If you’re sick of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s damn emails and this whole Benghazi fiasco, you’re not the only one. Three hours into a very long hearing on the 2012 attack, the former Secretary of State took a moment brush some dirthaters off her shoulder. A menial gesture it might seem, but […]

Via HotNewHipHop –  Rick Ross shows support for Wale after Meek Mill tried to cut him from MMG. Yesterday (Oct. 21), Meek Mill‘s Instagram fingers got the best of him, as he went on an extended tirade against Wale, in which he attempted to cut the D.C. rapper from the MMG roster: “He not MMG IM […]

Via| Bossip Bossip is reporting that during the MMG in-fighting yesterday between Meek Mill & Wale the biggest boss Ricky Rozay was tipped off that Meek smashed his fiance boo Lira Galore back in the day. According to Bossip the rest is history. Peep the tweets & proof HERE !

Its pretty obvious that Cash Money CEO Brian “Baby” Williams is looking for a replacement to fill the gaping hole (no pun intended) that Lil Wayne left on the label. First, enter Young Thug who despite a nice measure of success has recently distanced himself from the label….Second, enter Jacquees who will instantly make you […]