From Contact Music Comedian KATT WILLIAMS is a wanted man – two warrants have been issued for his arrest after he allegedly punched a man in the face.

Tracy Reines, Director of Response Operations for the American Red Cross, discusses the latest for the disaster response to Haiti as of 11 PM EST on Tuesday night. For more information on how your can help, visit

Rush Limbaugh is jumping on the recent controversies sparked by senate majority leader, Harry Reid, and former President, Bill Clinton from the book, “Game Change.”

Michael Eric Dyson, professor of African American studies at Georgetown, addressed the Harry Reid “negro dialect” controversy last night on MSNBC.

One of the hottest songs on the airwaves has just been remixed again, but this time it’s by, who I believe is, the greatest MC off all-time. Jay-z has teamed up with Snoop on the “I wanna rock” track for what they are calling the “King’s remix”.

From the NY Times: NEW ORLEANS — Less than a month before the primary, the race for mayor here is a struggle over who will bring the soaring murder rate down, who will attract badly needed new businesses and who will guide the city in its still dauntingly long road to recovery.

There’s nothing greater to watch than athletes trying to perform songs.

The young cats at my Factotum-like night gig all hate Drake.

After several years of non-stop recording and touring, Beyonce is ready to take some time off.

According to NewsOne/Blackplanet polls, most Black people say the word “Negro” itself doesn’t offend them — that is, unless it’s being uttered by a white person.

From Former Xscape group member Kandi Burruss has tapped a number of rappers and Hip-Hop producers for her new untitled album, which is slated to hit stores this Spring.