In 2012, Valentine day  was estimated to contribute around $17.6 billion to the economy, according to the National Retail Federation. Now, that’s great and all, but don’t let what folks are doing in the nation’s economy put a dent in your personal economy at home. Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate lovers, but do you really want you or your honey breaking the bank for one day?

Here are few date ideas that will hopefully help you make memories – not waste money!

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1. Date Idea #1

Date Idea #1

Leave “remember when” notes and pictures for your honey scattered throughout the house. Try to recreate the first time you met or your first date. Make the day all about what made you two fall in love in the first place. While you’re at it, make it a Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt. Strategically place his favorite book, CD, bottle of wine, etc. throughout the house. Let’s face it, relationships are not a bed of roses 24/7, but you have an opportunity to create that one defining and special moment that made him worth it all over again!

2. Date Idea #2

Date Idea #2

If you bank with a credit union, check out the “Discounts” page on their website. Credit Union members can typically find discount tickets for local hot spots that range from 1/2 price movie tickets to some of the city’s major theaters. You might also find tickets to a home game for your local sports team or even weekend getaway packages for you and your Valentine.

3. Date Idea #3

Date Idea #3

We love discount deal sites like during these pricier seasons in the year. You can literally cut your spending in half if you’re planning a night out on the town or even giving a gift certificate as a gift. Just make sure you read the fine print and make your reservations early. You’re not the only one with this bright, budget friendly idea! You may even want to give one of the newer daily deal sites a chance, like Their mantra is “finding a wonderful experience together shouldn’t be a hassle or break the bank!” They cater to couples and offer 50% to 90% off everything from restaurants and spa packages to local attractions and major events.

4. Date Idea #4

Date Idea #4

When’s the last time you watched your favorite love story together? This might be as simple as pulling a DVD off the shelf or accessing Netflix on the plasma screen. Put the kiddies to bed and pop some popcorn and a little bubbly while you’re at it! What’s more romantic than cuddling up to “Ghost,” “The Notebook” or whatever your all-time favorite love flick is? (And, if you’re really feeling fancy, go the extra mile and throw that fireplace on too! Wink, wink!)

5. Date idea #5

Date idea #5

Do you live in a place with beautiful natural scenery? The great thing about nature is that it’s literally all around us and it doesn’t cost a dime. Whether it’s a trip to your local beach, a walk on a trail or a view of a beautiful mountain; it can be done for practically nothing, but your appreciation for the outdoors and the one you’re with can make it one of the richest experiences of your life.