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'Black Ink Crew' Episode 8, “It’s Better When a Woman is in Charge.” Recap

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Last week on Black Ink Crew, Ceaser finally kept it all the way real with Donna after she got BIG MAD during the Black Ink team-building trip. Feeling underappreciated, Donna and Alex decided to check out of the mansion without telling anyone. This week the crew moves on without her.

Asian Hate Hits Close To Home

Young Bae’s time in Atlanta hasn’t gone as smoothly as she would hope. Since she arrived in the ATL, she has been greeted with Asian Hate fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic. On top of the tragic events that saw multiple Asian workers gunned down at an Atlanta spa, Bae revealed to the crew that someone left her a racist letter at her apartment as well.

Donna, who is no longer at the mansion, becomes the subject of discussion because of an insensitive comment she left regarding the situation, saying the shooter must have been “sucked off too good” by the Asian women who were gunned down in the senseless shooting. The crew, especially Bae, were not feeling Donna’s lame comment.

Donna wasn’t the only person to say some heada** stuff about the shooting. During a Korean-styled dinner that Bae prepared for the crew so she could educate them about what’s going on, Tatti says she will no longer be getting pedicures due to the shooting, a blatant stereotype.

Puma calls out Tatti for her statement telling her how racist and ignorant it was. Bae doesn’t admonish Tatti but instead wants her to realize that statements such as the one she said only add to the fetishization of Asian women. Ceaser accurately points out that all of the Asian hate was brought on by former President Donald Trump and his comments about the virus during his presidency.

In the end, Bae thinks all people of color and minorities should come together to battle hate, something they all can finally agree on.

There Is New Lead Artist In Town

Spyder has always considered himself the lead artist of the New York crew, but since the move to Atlanta, he has expanded that title to the company as a whole. Krystal and Ink Daddy were never on board with that idea. To settle things once and for all, Ceaser suggests a Black Ink tattoo completion. Each person participating has to give $1,000, and the winner will get the pot and title as lead artist.

It’s finally the day of the competition. Krystal, Rok, Ink Daddy, Spyder, and another Atlanta artist are tasked with creating a dope tattoo in 2 hours that Ceaser, Puma, and guest judge legendary Black tattoo artist Miya Bailey who opened the first Black-owned tattoo shop in Atlanta.

The competition goes down to the wire, but in the end, the judges all agree that Krystal’s work is the best proving what she has been arguing all season long when it comes to her tattoo skills compared to everyone else’s in the shop.

Momma Knows Best

After stupidly listening to Ted and taking his advice on his situation with Suzette, Ceaser decided he needed to speak with his mom. Ceaser feels that Crystal is the reason Cheyenne is not talking to him. His mother reminds him that Cheyenne is 17-years-old now and can make her own decisions. She also feels that Ceaser should reach out to Cheyenne on his own. Mama Emmanuel also tells Ceaser that it’s okay for Ceaser to take a break from Suzette.

Taking that advice, Ceaser decides to have a conversation with Suzette. Ceaser tells Suzette he doesn’t want the drama between his daughter and her mother to mess with their relationship. Ceaser tells Suzette he wants to get back together with Suzette, and she is fine with that idea, but she wants Ceaser to defend her and her children when they are pulled into matters involving Cheyenne and Crystal.

You can peep the reactions viewers had to the episode in the gallery below.

Photo: Paras Griffin / Getty

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