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As millennials, we often joke about getting older. Grant it, we are getting up there in age, but in the grand scheme of life, we’re fetuses to the planet. Everyone born between 1981 and 1996 has a weird love/hate relationship with age. It makes sense though. We’re the generation stuck in between the analogue word and the digital one. We remember life before the internet, but our most formative years we during the rise of the world wide web. So it’s pretty safe to say that the Internet grew up with us.

The birth of social media and the web as a whole has changed the way we interact in the world as human beings on many different levels. They way we purchase things is different, the way we receive information and watch television is totally dissimilar than it was pre-web. And watching the Gen Z-ers with their new dances, new slang and wardrobe is enough to make anyone feel like they aged out of the cool age.

There’s actually an entire article about the horror of “Millennial” no longer being a synonym for young person and how it’s an existential crisis destroying our egos.

“A lot of millennials are in their mid-to-late 30s now, which means that the media’s default image of us is about as age appropriate as a too-small crop top. Although the cutoff points for generations are always in dispute, most research defines a millennial as someone who was born after 1980 and before 2000.”

“The old stereotype of un-PC-professor-protesting, avocado-bingeing, Applebee’s-agnostic kids is in need of an update. As painful as it is for me, a 31-year-old Old Millennial, to admit, we’re not that young anymore.”

But don’t fret. We still have many great years of youthfulness and littiness left in us. Age is just a state of mind! However, these tweets will definitely have you feeling  a little, er, mature.

Hit the flip to check them out.

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