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White Men Can't Jump

Source: YouTube / 20th Century Studios

The first trailer just dropped for the remake of White Men Can’t Jump, and Twitter is not feeling it — especially now that people have a look at Jack Harlow as the main guy. The Louisville, KY rapper signed on last year along with Sinqua Walls from BET’s American Soul.

The film is scheduled for release this coming May 19 on Hulu. But according to some who saw the promo’s initial airing Sunday, the 30-second preview leaves much to be desired. So watch it for yourself below and see how you feel.

The original White Men Can’t Jump was a box office success when it was released in 1992, six years before Harlow was born. But the performer admitted he was unfamiliar with the classic prior to being cast. “Can I be honest,” he told Vogue Magazine at last year’s Met Gala. “I was obviously familiar with it, it’s an iconic title and I’ve seen the movie poster, but I didn’t watch it until I got offered the role. I see why it’s a classic.”

However, one person who strongly believes in Harlow’s acting chops is Charles Kidd II, otherwise known as the filmmaker Calmatic. The 35-year-old California director recently had another ’90s remake hit theaters this year with House Party. And Calmatic shared why he thinks the “First Class” lyricist can be a star in the world of film as well as music.

“He has never acted before, but, man, listen, after this film, I don’t think Jack Harlow is going to be a rapper,” he told Esquire. “I mean, I’m sure he is not going to give up rap, but he’s definitely going to be a Mark Wahlberg—where I think people are going to know him more for acting than his music.”

“There’s no reason why [Jack Harlow] shouldn’t be in two movies a year,” Kidd added. “He’s that great. And so I’m happy that he got his feet wet with White Men Can’t Jump, so I can take a little responsibility for that. I’m excited for the world to see him and get the full scope of him as an artist.”

But the Twitterverse doesn’t seem to agree. Check out some reactions below.

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