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In today’s “Christian Walker is STILL annoying” news…

A clip posted today (July 13) features the “terminally delusional” son of Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker at a Starbucks drive-thru. Turns out, R&B singer Kehlani was in the car ahead of him. To say the clip was wild would be an understatement.

Apparently, Christian took offense to Kehlani allegedly telling the barista that he was an “a**hole” and to “be safe around him.” So, he decided to get out of his car and get into their face.

So…basically, he proved Kehlani right. Hmm…

Okay, first off, kudos to Kehlani for keeping their cool. Most of us would be a millisecond away from throwing the Strawberry Açaí Refresher in his face. Seriously, you don’t get into someone’s personal space like that!

Secondly… are you SURE no one knows who Kehlani is? Because judging by your past tweets… YOU’VE BEEN A FAN, SIR!

As expected, the backlash was swift. And it was warranted. Check out some reactions below!

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1. Now this is REALLY what “unbothered” looks like.

2. He definitely has nerve.

3. Yep. He’s SUPER triggered.

Also, using mental health issues to attack someone…NOT COOL!

4. Agreed. She definitely handled it with class.

5. Bless his heart.

6. Only thing that matters, TBH.

7. Accurate.

8. You know what that is? Growth.

9. Like… Can she just get her latte and leave?

10. So wrong! LMFAOOO

11. Gotta love that Taurus Energy!

12. In case you need a reminder…

13. We say this again… Therapy WORKS!