Haditha Khan, aka Butter, is good with her hands.

Now, before you start letting your mind wander more than it should, we’re talking about art here people.

Butter was born in Martinsville, VA. She was raised in Pittsburgh, but moved to Cleveland while she was in the 8th grade. She remembers being an extremely talented artist at a very young age, although she never took any classes for her skill. Later in life she developed the desire to do tattoos, but more on that in just a second.

I make it a habit to ask people what they’re most memorable or notable accomplishment has been so far in their life, because it often means I’ll get a cool story out of it if nothing else. When I asked that question this time around Butter definitely didn’t disappoint!

After I posed the question Butter calmly and matter-of-factly responded, ‘Oh, I received a thank you letter from President Barack Obama for the custom glass I made for him and Madam Michelle before he left office’.

Ummmmmmmmm, WHAT!? That’s so dope! Butter does exclusive custom freehand etched glass art. A tremendous talent for sure, especially when you consider that all of her work is done freehand.

Butter also works in a local tattoo shop (Focused Tatoo) after doing years of freelance work out of her home. At that time she was also working at the post office, until about a year ago when she was able to commit to tattooing full time.

Living everyday in her passion has always been a dream of Butter Khan. She worked hard, she developed her talent, and now she’s able to do exactly what she wants to do every single day.

I guess dreams really do come true, don’t they?

Check out Butter’s artwork below and don’t forget to follow her online!

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