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2021 Billboard Music Awards - Show

Source: Christopher Polk/NBC / Getty

Drake takes home one of Billboard’s most prestigious awards last night as Artist of the Decade. Fans cheer the Toronto rapper on as he takes center stage. Everyone was surprised when Drake was joined on stage by his three-year-old son Adonis, who arguably did not want to be there. Drake is busy giving thanks during his Billboard’s speech last night, while Adonis is plotting his escape plan off the stage.

Though Adonis might have a bit of stage fright finally recognizing his dad is actually one of the biggest stars in the world, he was so cute with his straight back braids and adorable plaid shirt. The fact that he was unbothered by his father’s monumental moment pushed the cuteness meter over. He’s simply a toddler with a superstar dad, and unbeknownst to him, he stole the show.

Of course, with any awards show, there are memes and lots of them. Most of them are about Drake and Adonis’ special yet comical moment. As most of us may recall, Drake was shunned by Pusha T years ago for “hiding his kid from the world.” Drake’s responded that he was “hiding the world from his kid.” Now, we understand why he waited to share his first born with the Internet, because the Internet spares no one. We created a list of the best Drake and Adonis memes after Drake’s acceptance at the 2021 Billboards Music Awards last night.

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Drake walks out with his son Adonis to accept the Artist of the Decade Award at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards. 

2. Wait, You’re Drake?


Adonis realizing his dad is as famous as he tells him. 

3. Round ‘Em Up


Drake brought Adonis on stage. This is not a drill! 

4. Drake Not Hiding His Kid From The World


“I present to you… Adonis.” 

5. Don’t Do That Again, Dad


Adonis clearly did not want to be in front of that huge crowd on stage. Surely, he reprimanded his Dad after the show. 

6. Adonis Finding The Quickest Escape Route


Adonis was over it. He cried when Drake attempted to pick him up saying, “this [award] is for you.” 

7. Bye!


Fans are saying Adonis would prefer to be hidden. 

8. I Hate It Here


Take the baby home. 

9. Who Are These People?


Someone explain to Adonis what’s going on. 

10. What Was The Dress Code?


They’re both cute, but definitely attending two separate events. Adonis is ready for a casual night on the town. 

11. Adonis Be Like:


Why you stressing my life for Christ sake?

12. Adonis Clinging To Drake’s Legs


Fans fantasizing about clinging to Drake’s leg for comfort and protection is the Twitter comedy we didn’t know we needed. 

13. Completely Over It


We wonder if Adonis will get used to the child star life the way North has now settled in.  

14. Confusion


Adonis genuinely confused by the people screaming at his dad. This moment was a bit intrusive for the three year old toddler, but we hope Adonis adapts to being the seed of one of our generation’s greatest artists of all time.