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It’s a well-known music fact that when Jay-Z speaks, the world sits down to listen and decipher his every word.

However, the hip-hop mogul caused some major controversy with his words recently when he made the bold comparison between his wife, pop diva Beyoncé, and the King Of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.



Hov brought Bey and MJ into the same sentence during a recent Twitter Space broadcast that singer Alicia Keys was hosting for her new album, Keys. Riding for his wife with all the confidence of a rapper with 14 number one albums under his belt, Jay-Z told the virtual audience during the midst of the conversation, “Bey’s gonna be mad at this for saying this, but Michael Jackson never had a Coachella. She’s an evolution of him because she watched him at 9. And [the kids are] the same.”

He continued by adding, “Beyoncé is gonna be one of the best singers we ever heard because she is such a student.”


Beyoncé definitely cemented her status as one of the greatest living entertainers with her epic “Beychella” performance in 2018, so Hov isn’t too far off when using that as an example for his opinion. However, you might find yourself riding on a very fine line when comparing anyone to Michael Jackson. From his untouchable dance moves to decades of hit music spanning all the way back to when he was a toddler as a member of the Jackson 5, there’s simply no musician that can truly match his illustrious career prior to his unfortunate death in 2009. Also, MJ’s epic stage presence was so intense that he could literally garner a stadium of screams and cheers just by standing in place for two minutes straight.




Although no one can blame Jay-Z for heralding the wifey Beyoncé for being the queen of music that she is, do you think he went a little overboard by comparing her to Michael Jackson or was it accurate? Let us know your thoughts while also checking out what many had to say about it on social media below:




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1. Jay Z saying Beyoncé bigger than Michael Jackson is the exact type shit a man gotta say about his wife when she caught him in some bullshit before lol I respect it

via @OGxTP

2. I see the annual Michael Jackson and Beyoncé debate has surfaced. Y’all aren’t tired?! It’s every year with the same rinse and repeat hot takes. Free yourselves! Go wrap some gifts! Shit.

via @callmedollar

3. I want the heehees/moonwalkers/Michael Jackson fans to be mad enough to get one of their fans to actually pose the question of him being the greatest performer & then the quotes be filled with multiple different performances of him showing out just like we do Beyoncé on here

via @Bianca_BBBBBB

4. respectfully michael jackson never needed anything like coachella throughout his lifetime. michael jackson has had double the audience of anything beyonce ever had. mj had people literally fainting and being transported on stretchers.. no offense but mj is unmatched.

via @skylcrxo

5. Now that Jay-Z brought this mess to the table, it’s time to talk, what talent does Michael Jackson have that Beyoncé hasn’t surpassed? And please do not come with that “people fainted at his concerts” because that is not talent, it is dehydration.

via @KnowlesZech

6. Beyoncé was pregnant & singin upside down at FWT, pregnant & throwin up when she did glastonbury, sick when she sang her face off at oprah’s show. Michael jackson sprained his ankle & did an entire perfomance sittin down & lipsyncin for his life. the bar is SO low for men.TUH

via @Athenadrip

7. Saying Beyoncé isn’t an artist or singer..? OUT YA DAMN MIND. Michael Jackson & Beyoncé careers are comparable as to their artistry and impact. BOTH in their OWN lane & time period. you can’t name an artist out now that has impact like Beyoncé. Beychella was history.

via @Xg2342

8. I understand Beyoncé is his wife, but his assertion that Michael Jackson has never had a concert with the impact of Coachella is just bullshit. Flat out. Michael Jackson is why the Super Bowl halftime is what it is.

via @sagebeatlove

9. I love and respect Beyonce so much BUT she has NOT surpassed Michael Jackson she’s a legend but Michael is an Icon

via @macaronitime7

10. I’m so happy Bey has Jay. If nobody else says Beyoncé is the GOAT, Jay gonna say it every chance he gets.

via @MyLifeAsAD02