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BMF Episodic Stills for episode 205

Source: Courtesy STARZ / Starz

This week’s episode of BMF was titled ‘Moment of Truth.’ After they run into a wall (no drugs, little to no money and very few soldiers) and end on the wrong side of another Lamar attack, the Flenory brothers flea Detroit and head to Atlanta in hopes of reversing their circumstances. Click inside to read the full recap of BMF Season 2 Episode 5.


BMF Episodic Stills for episode 205

Source: Courtesy STARZ / Starz

Before they made it down south, Meech (Demetrius Flenory Jr.) and Terry (Da’Vinci) made a pitstop in Cleveland. Meech didn’t forget that their cousin played them and acted accordingly. After giving James a beat down he surely won’t forget, Meech takes $15,000 and his car from him and they get back on the road. Once they touch down in Atlanta, they meet up with Earl (the man from the first episode who gave Meech the bricks to smuggle from Las Vegas for K9). Earl declined to front them any work but had an alternative. He took them to a dice game run by Goldie (excellently played by Monique) at her strip club. Unfortunately for the boys, the game was rigged and they lost almost all of their money.

After getting played and ending up on the wrong side of a sweet lick, the Flenory brothers are forced to regroup. Meech convinces Tee that even though they’re down bad at the moment, everything will work out for them. They eventually link with Ty Washington. He echoes the same sentiments Earl did before him. He tells them that he can’t front them. They ask him about a mythical drug dealer named ‘Pint’ who could stretch cocaine. Ty claims to not know the man. He suggests that they invest the little money they have wisely. If they do, he tells them he can look into figuring out who the Pint character is.

Meech and Terry decide to ambush Goldie at gunpoint as she’s leaving the strip club. They demand that she points them to a real dice game where they could win their money back. She obliges and takes them to a game ran by a man named Mike. The brothers pretend to not know each other and start to rack up. Mike catches on to the game they’re running and threatens to kill them if he catches them cheating. Luckily, the boys make it out of the game unscathed. After coming up big, they now had enough money to go back to Ty. They asked him to purchase ten bricks but they were only offered five because of the drought. At that moment, they realized that Pint was the one in Ty’s kitchen cooking up and measuring things when they came earlier. In order for Pint to agree to teach them his cooking methods, Terry had to put up his Mercedes as collateral until they could return with money. Pint taught them how to turn coacine into crack rock. As the episode comes to an end, Terry tells Meech that he’s officially fully back in the game. The boys get a call from their frightened little sister that makes them hop on the road to get back to Detroit swiftly.


BMF Episodic Stills for episode 205

Source: Courtesy STARZ / Starz

Detectives Bryant (Steve Harris) and Jin (Kelly Hu) are unsuccessful in their attempt to get Denise to tell on Terry and Meech. A huge reason why it didn’t work out like they thought it would was because Meech sent Mo (Kash Doll) to pose as her lawyer. Mo tells Denise that if she eats the charges, she’ll only have to do a little bit of jail time and her family’s finances would be taken care of. Of course she agrees to the deal.

We again are shown Bryant’s son, who’s been getting bullied in school. Bryant decides that he’s seen enough and goes to his son’s school the next day. His son won’t tell on the bullies so the principal technically can’t do anything to them. After a heart to heart conversation between the partners, Bryant takes things into his own hands. Bryant has B-Mickie (Myles Truitt) do him a favor and teach the bullies a lesson. It will be very interesting to see how their relationship evolves in the second half of the season.

One more thing that we need to watch out for is the cops changing their sights to K-9. Meech is in business with K-9 and if the cops are looking into him, it’s only a matter of time before that same heat gets put on BMF.


BMF Episodic Stills for episode 205

Source: Courtesy STARZ / Starz

Everyone’s least favorite character on the show continued to prove why he has the title. Distraught by her sons leaving so abruptly, Lucille (Michole Briana White) decides that God is the answer. Her and Nicole head to Chicago on a church retreat. Charles (Russell Hornsby) chooses to stay back and try to fix their crumbling business. We all knew that he had ulterior motives. He goes back to the next door Mable’s house and proceeds to fix things in her house (He hasn’t fixed anything in their house. Lmao). While there, she flirtatiously invites him over to her house for a party.

Charles ends up coming to the party. It seems as if he was getting plotted on from the jump. Charles is the last to leave the party. Before he can get out of the door, she seduces him and the two end up having sex. Yes, Charles cheated on Lucille. When Lucille and Nicole return back to Detroit that night, Lucille confronts another woman from the church that she had suspicions about. Her intuitions were right, she just had the wrong woman. The retreat must’ve been amazing though. As soon as Lucile arrives home, she shockingly apologizes to Charles for the way she’s been acting as of late. Charles took a shower and proceeded to have sex with his wife. It’s hard to determine if he has a guilty conscience, if he’s confused or if he’s just doing whatever because he can. We will see what happens with their marriage in the coming weeks.

Elsewhere in Detroit, with the Flenorys thousands of miles away, Lamar is terrorizing everybody in the city. He stuck up all the dope boys in the city and got cash and jewelry from them. He took a short break from being a menace and tried to get Mo back…again. Thankfully she rejected him. It wouldn’t surprise anybody if she ended up folding and letting him back into her life in some capacity. We have to keep our eyes open for that and the mentions of Mo playing with her nose because it could be important in the long run. If BMF wants to last long, they have to handle Lamar. He pulled up to their home and was literally seconds away from shooting their mother. Before he can grab his gun from his waist, Lucille grabs both of his hands and prays for him. He was obviously touched by the prayer because he let her get through it and left after she was done. Nicole recognized Lamar’s face from when he killed Darius and knew to call her big brothers to warn them what was happening. The boys are on their way back to Detroit with work and vengeance on their mind. Drop your thoughts on the fifth episode of season two in the comments and also let us know what you think will happen next week!

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